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Skyway Electronic Services serves the Niagara region with quality electronics, including a large selection and vast product knowledge of:

HD Antennas

Skyway Electronic Services can help you find exactly what you need. When it comes to crystal clear HD reception, Skyway Electronic Services can help out find exactly what you need. Our experienced technicians will install your HD Antenna for perfect viewing. 


We are authorized Bell Satellite representatives. Let us know what your satellite needs are and we can suggest a satellite and ensure it’s installed correctly. 


We have a great selection of Plasma, LCD, Projection and large screen televisions. We specialize in home audio and surround sound systems and accessories.

Surveillance Systems

There is no greater deterrent than the threat of someone having their picture taken at the scene of a crime. Captured video surveillance from security cameras can match an individual to a place at a specific date and time.

Statistics provide that the amount of loss can be reduced by 50 per cent with the proper installation of security cameras.
In addition, surveillance cameras can be used to monitor the behaviour of clients and employees, significantly increasing the productivity of the latter.

Skyway Electronic Services will look after all your home and commercial security services.